Sunday, April 5, 2009

TOM CRUISE = MOST+Handsome Gentleman >40!!

U guys chose and here it is: Tom’s the winner; our unforgettable aviator is still super hot and charming!!

Mattew McConaughey surprisingly stopped at 6th place, while Keanu Reeves and Brad Pitt just couldn’t get higher than sharing the 5th and 4th place.

George Clooney and Javier Bardem reach the podium sharing 3rd and 2nd place, while Tom with a 55% of preference reaches the TOP!

There are some surprises….I must say I was expecting George and Brad easily closer to the TOP. But the truth is that the Media World preferred Tom, maybe his beautiful wife Katie Holmes (Dawson’s Creek; Batman Begins…) and their more than famous 2 years old daughter Suri helped us choosing.

We have to say we’re pretty used to see him with beautiful incredible women such as Nicole Kidman or Penélope Cruz…but our sweet Katie seems to have really won his heart for good.

By the way, the man is HOTTER than ever!! I’s say a really “candy-man” (as Xstina’d say!)

C ya


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